A Brief Note on a Not-Good Idea: Relapse

You know how you’re not supposed to get drunk and text your ex? Yeah, well, you also shouldn’t get bored and text an ex-scammer. I have fallen off the wagon, and relapsed into contact with one of my latest targets. I tried to ghost him, but, you know what? He keeps coming back! I’m just too soft-hearted to be able to actually ghost someone, I guess. (Take heart, all future exes of mine.)

But, this also proves what I said before about the parallel between scammers and their targets: we’ve all got boundless optimism that clouds our critical judgement of what all of the evidence shows us to be true. This guy has more than enough reason to think that I’m having him on. But I’ve also given him enough almost-acceptable-explanations for the obstacles he’s faced for him to convince himself that I’m for real. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS TO TARGETS!!! We want so badly for the scenario to be true that we can overlook inconsistencies and tells. I’m just saying: we’re not stupid to fall for a scam (or a counter-scam, for that matter). We’re just hopeful and optimistic, and desirous of something better (be it money or love).


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